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Oscillating Digital Grind Radio


At the moment, I'm still a one-woman team, which can sometimes lead to longer response times. Please allow up to 30 days for me to acknowledge your message. As I complete current projects, including product development and web design, I'll have more time to engage and be more promptly responsive. Your patience is greatly appreciated.


Messages Should be sent to me HERE on THIS server, it's ONLY purpose is to send me messages.
Once All pieces to the puzzle have been lay down, then the Radio station will get it's own server.


Aquaculture & Permaculture community here. Meet likeminded individuals here for help & community.


Quail community here. Meet likeminded individuals, ask and answer questions.


The Order of Dragons is Currently Waiting for 3XO to launch. Apply for entrance, if you dare.

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in sustainable agriculture and agribusiness education – where the calendar may currently look as barren as a winter field, the seeds of exciting developments are being sown. Our 24/7 radio station is already in full swing, albeit on autopilot. And even though we're only playing a modest selection of 500 songs from our vast library, it's the beating heart of our upcoming content explosion.

Stay tuned to be the first to hear the 'freshly harvested' podcasts and exclusive content. As we gear up our broadcasting equipment, new material will be planted into the show like seeds in fertile ground.

Over the next few months, we'll be cultivating our digital landscape across various websites, adding the finishing touches, like a farmer tending to his crops. Yes, there's still plenty to do – but consider this the final lap before the harvest.

As the year ends, and even before, you'll see things sprouting. Buttons will come to life, emails will start sprouting replies, and newsletters will blossom. Books will reach their final chapters, courses will be pruned and uploaded.

This is still our 'planting' stage, with the official 'harvest' or 'launch' set for June 2024. By then, the first stage will be ripe and ready, and subsequent stages will flourish faster. Why? Because I won't be a lone farmer anymore. A dedicated team will join me in tending to this growing empire as soon as the first fruits of our labor start to ripen.

So, keep your eyes on this space, because we're just getting started. And as any good farmer knows, the most exciting part is watching everything grow.


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Indeed, I am utilizing all legitimate avenues to generate income.

Whenever possible, I will incorporate an affiliate link to the products I mention.

An explanation of what an affiliate link is...

Imagine you have a favorite restaurant that you always recommend to your friends. Now, what if the restaurant gave you a small discount every time one of your friends visited it because of your recommendation? That's what affiliate marketing is. It's when you promote a company's product or service, and if people buy it based on your recommendation, the company gives you a commission, or a small part of the sale.

With affiliate marketing, the cost of products doesn't increase. The company simply reallocates its advertising budget. Instead of investing in traditional ads or billboards, the company rewards individuals like me who bring them new customers. Therefore, purchasing through an affiliate link won't cost you more. It's simply a different approach the company takes to attract new customers. Instead of paying for ads, they're rewarding me for my successful recommendation!

That being said the links will fall into a few categories:

  • Amazon Links to Products I Use All The Time

  • Amazon Links to Products I Use Less Often But Regularly

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  • Rest assured, the products I recommend via affiliate links are ones that I personally use and trust, some for several years. They have consistently delivered fantastic service and have stood the test of time. My recommendations come after scouring the market, examining both budget-friendly and high-end options. This means I can provide you with honest, informed opinions on each product, so you can make the best decision for your needs. My aim is to save you the time and effort of doing this research yourself. However, I encourage you to explore further if you wish. I provide these recommendations as a starting point, to help you navigate the vast sea of options with a bit more ease and confidence.

    Also, just to make sure it is perfectly clear, these companies do NOT employ me in any way shape or form, we do NOT have any special relationship other than the affiliate program I am signed up with. If you signed up and did the work, you too, could be an affiliate for one or more companies.

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